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  • 3 Free Desktop Wallpapers

    Free desktop wallpapers for your personal use! Illustrated by Morgan Harper Nichols. 
  • Free Download of "Empathy"

    Empathy “Let me hold the door for you. I may have never walked in your shoes, but I can see: your soles are worn, your strength is torn under the w...
  • 5 Coloring Sheets by MHN

    Coloring is one of those childhood things that often get put on the sidelines as we grow up. I hope these pieces encourage you to keep creating. Ke...
  • 10 Free Floral Desktop Wallpapers

  • 3 Galaxy Desktop Wallpapers

    Feel free to use them for any personal use!
  • Free Desktop Wallpapers

    Free Desktop Wallpapers! Illustrated by Morgan Harper Nichols  
  • Free Textable Thank You Notes & Birthday Notes

    This morning it occurred to me that of the many things goes on right now, there are people who they may want to say Happy Birthday or Thank You to ...

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