Dear Friend, I Hope That You Can Remember Your Progress

Dear Friend, I Hope That You Can Remember Your Progress

Dear friend,

I hope that you can remember your progress. I hope you can remember that it has not been easy for you and considering everything you have been through, it matters that you have made it this far. I know you still have mountains to climb and dreams that you are hoping will come together down the line, but in the meantime, where you are is worth acknowledging, celebrating, honoring. I just wanted to take a moment to affirm the strength and courage that is already rising up within you. Continue to grow, and continue to look forward to the future, while also knowing: the way you have chosen to come alive on this very day matters. A year ago, you didn’t know you would be here. You didn’t know the mountains and valleys that were up ahead of you, but you also didn’t know that you would find strength, anyway. You didn’t know that you would rise up, with hope for new beginnings.

And even in your unknowns, this is living. Right here, in the midnight of it all, this is living. Not everything is figured out here, but you are free to be alive here. You are free to look up to the sky and be reminded, beneath all of the sun, the moon, the stars, and into the depths of your soul, you are seen. Yes, you are seen. And even here, your progress matters, and you are headed where you need to be.

So be kind to yourself. Please be kind to yourself. Dare to let yourself believe: even here, you are growing.

Morgan Harper Nichols

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