Slow Down Long Enough to Breathe

Slow Down Long Enough to Breathe

I know you are craving peace and I just hope you know: you might find it at the ocean, in the canyons, or perhaps when you take intentional time to breathe. I know that exhaling doesn’t change everything, especially when you’re trying to learn how thrive in the tension of so many things, but the act of release matters. Letting go over and over—it matters.
Let it remind you
you do not have to
hold on

There are so many things
to do,
so add this to your list:
do something that reminds you
your worth is not attached
to what you accomplish.

There is so much
expected of you
and you only want
to make them proud.
You want to prove
you are capable
and you are the one
who can do this.
And I hope you can keep dreaming
while knowing this to be true:
productivity will shape you
but rest will shape you, too.

You are free to rest,
you are free to rest
right here in the tension of things.
You are free to trust
that you’ll discover
and rejuvenation
when you slow down
long enough to
b r e a t h e


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