For Anyone Grieving Today

For Anyone Grieving Today

For anyone grieving today:
Here are two poems I sent out today to those who are grieving the loss of their mothers:

As the days go on
it is hard to see how hope
could go on, too…
for even though
the Light pours through,
she meant so much to you,
and there is just no way of knowing
how things will look from here.

And I just hope you know
it is okay
to take this one breath at a time,
to reflect on the little things she liked,
and how she would be
so proud of you,

for after everything
you have been through,
you are carrying her strength within you
you are carrying her wisdom, hope, and courage
and you are free to tell that story.

It is so hard to make sense of this
but the beautiful thing is,
you do not have to,
you are free to slow down
in the uncertainty
and let endless grace
come find you.

unmerited favor
that meets you where you are,
even when the world feels lonelier
even with a broken heart,
in all that has changed,
you will be found, anyway
by grace-filled peace
that lets you take this
day by day.

For some time,
certain memories
might feel a little delicate,
difficult to hold close
because you know they will never
be again,
and I hope
that it is then,
amidst the heart ache,
you remember just how
special she is,
and how she had a way
of drawing the Light in
in the most unexpected ways.
And things will never be the same.
You know that all too well,
but I hope you are able to hold onto
the beautiful stories you have to tell.
For even though a year has passed,
somehow, Love did last,
and you are free to hold on
to what was,
though you do not know
what is to come.
And though
your memories
feel so delicate,
they are yours
to hold onto
they are a part of
what you had with her,
and what will always
bind you together.

When you whispered the words,
“I am going to be okay”
you did not know
what you were signing up for,
but you had this inner-knowing
that Light was drawing you in
even here, on this side of heaven,
where things would never be the same
but somehow, you would still find peace,
and you would find the air to breathe
in the wild of changing things.


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