App Series: Come Into the Light

App Series: Come Into the Light

Pick 1 feeling from the list below, then pick a random color, and leave a comment below - I'll write some mini poems from the comments!

1. Pick a feeling.
NOTE: you don't have to comment WHAT you are feeling right now. You can just randomly select. Or add your own!

safe, satisfied, renewed, hopeful, apprehensive, anxious, tired, intrigued, restless, optimistic, indifferent, vibrant, lonely, lively, weary, sensitive, overwhelmed, open-hearted, excited, calm, surprised, grief, heartbroken, bored, impatient, loving, tender, comfortable, content, quiet, relaxed, upset, worn out, worried, mystified, light-hearted, energized, motivated, determined, creative, shaky, active, inspired, attached, considerate, blah, taken aback, unsure, fine, isolated, skeptical, curious, joyful, appreciated, insecure, bewildered, angry, critical, amused, secure, proud, respected, daring, confused, thankful, loving, nurturing

2. Pick any color.
NOTE: It doesn't have to be your favorite color. You can just pick the first color that comes to mind...or look around the room you're in and pick a color you see.

3. Leave a comment below.
Here are some examples:

hopeful and green
overwhelmed and blue
fine and orange

Lately, I have become curious about the relationship between color and emotion.
There are colors I am naturally drawn to, and then, colors I avoid (such as the purples and reds in the first image). I think this is how I approach certain feelings, too. Through color, I have been working with this idea of sitting with feelings, just out of curiosity. Not forcing myself to "feel" a certain thing right away. Just asking, '"what does it mean to be 'bewildered?' 'Unsure?' 'Fine?." Creating space to see what comes to light.

This week's app series is calling "Come into the Light" and I hope it helps you ask: "Where have I been holding back? What needs to come to light?" For me, that looks like working with colors and feelings, but for you, it could be something else. Let's explore!

Join me this week for the 7-day series! All the app details at @thestorytellerco. Apple and Android. Daily messages. Daily wallpapers. Thank you for your support!



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    Lonely and yellow

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