5 Coloring Sheets by MHN

Coloring is one of those childhood things that often get put on the sidelines as we grow up. I hope these pieces encourage you to keep creating. Keep finding ways to add color. Feel free to paint over these in an app like ProCreate or print them out. If you end up sharing the hashtag #beautifulhonestthings. I’d love to see! - Morgan



  • These are wonderful! God bless you!

  • Thanks for these!
    If you right click open image in new tab on each picture you can print or save from there.
    Hope that helps

  • I love your art, your words and canvas!

    Nicolle Villeda
  • I love your art work and poems

    Emily Ingram
  • Hey! if you are on an iphone just press and hold then release & click add to photos. hope this helps! if on a computer try right clicking :)


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