You Have What You Need to Live a Beautiful Story

You Have What You Need to Live a Beautiful Story

No matter what is missing,
I hope you know:
you have
what you need
to live
a beautiful story.
Your story is rich
with texture
and color
that you will not always see
in real-time.

Your own photographs
are monuments
to the reality
that even in low places,
the sun still shines.
And even when
And even when
it didn’t seem like it would,
beauty found you
just fine.
You learned
to make it through
one hour
one day
one year
at a time.

And perhaps, even here, you are going to be ways you might not be able to see in real-time.
So here’s to looking back. Here’s to looking back at old photographs and noticing what is beautiful. Here’s to looking at the edge of the photo and noticing where the sky was blue, or the silhouette of a tree behind you, and how, in photo after photo, sunlight found its way in, over and over again.

Here’s to realizing that when you look back on old photographs, you have two options: you can look back passively or with purpose. You can passively scroll through, hoping something beautiful finds you, or you can look back with purpose, saying this to yourself, before you look at a single photo: “I am choosing to look for something beautiful that I’ve never noticed before.”

This is the moment you’re choosing not to look back comparing yourself to past versions of yourself. You’re deciding that this isn’t about finding a photo that’s worthy of sharing with others. This is a moment of choosing to connect with a part of your story that might otherwise have been forgotten or overlooked.
Keep looking closer.
Look again and again.
You never know
where you might find
the Light pouring in.

On the podcast, for the first time ever, I’m doing a 5-day series! It’s called:

You Have What You Need To Live a Beautiful Story: 5 Practices for finding what you need to keep going, by looking back."

In this series I take you through 5 practices I personally use to go deeper when I’m in need of beauty, courage, wisdom, grace, and love.

Today’s focus is on beauty, and all you need to participate is your phone! - If you feel like you’re in need of some beauty in your life, I made this episode for you. ♥️

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