There is Still Room in This Life to Make Meaningful, New Connections

There is Still Room in This Life to Make Meaningful, New Connections

there will be people
who move on without you,
and people you admired
that you can no longer look up to,
and there will also be
gaps in the trees
where the wind blows through
and reminds you:
no matter the betrayal
or the rejection,
there is still room in this life
to make
new connections.

and there is also
still room
to breathe,
letting your heart
soften into release,
finding that no matter what is changing
you are still free to pursue peace.

for there will be storm clouds
hovering the flower fields
where you were hoping
to watch the setting sun,
and there will be cities
you meant to visit
before the world
as you knew it
came undone,
and there will also be moments
when you remember
the small strip
of ocean shore
where the seafoam sang to you
that morning,
“there is more,
there is more.”

and in the end,
you will find
even when you were
carrying so much
on your shoulders,
you were not just getting older.
you were not just surviving.
you were a living, breathing soul
slowly redefining
what it meant
to be thriving.

and one day at a time,
you are finding the courage
to keep traveling through.

people move on,
everything changes,
and through it all,
you change, too.

you’ve had your fears,
you’ve had your losses,
and you’ve had to face
the raw reality of grief,
and you’ve also dared
to have this hope:
every day,
you are still becoming
who you were meant to be.

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