It Was Still Worth Waiting For

It Was Still Worth Waiting For

You long to be in a place
where you are no longer
having to wait for this,
where you are finally able to be free
from the worry
of what might never happen.

And on the outside,
you know you are growing,
you can see that things are changing,
day by day, year by year.

but on the inside,
there is this struggle
where you feel
you are knee deep
in stagnant waters
and even when the sun shines in
it does not seem
to shine on you,
and you feel the weight of gravity
as it takes its toll on you.

I hope that this could be the place
where you slowly begin to believe
that it is still okay to hope
and to trust
for better things.
And it will start
with the little things,
such as realizing
the beauty
of all that you are worth
without the things
you long to have,
and whatever you do receive
will only be able to add
to who you already are,
and who you are already

So tread slowly
in these stagnant waters,
there is no need to rush here.
And please do not be hard on yourself
for all that has not fallen into place.
This world is hard enough,
and even then, you are free to know grace.

You may feel lonely,
but you are not alone
you may feel empty,
but you are whole
And in time,
you will surely meet
who you were meant to meet.
You will travel to the places
that you were meant to see.
And you will look back on this season
and be grateful
that you learned to see the value
in the smallest things,
for all of it prepared you
for where you were meant to be:
on grace and hope-filled journey,
lined in endless Light
where even in the waiting,
you learned to be alright.
You learned to believe
more was coming
and you had not seen everything yet
and though it took longer than expected,
it was all worth waiting for,
and you found that you,
yes, you,
were still worth the journey,
no matter how long it took,
or times you were overlooked,
hope was still stirring within,
and not a moment of your life was wasted.


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