For the One Who Doesn't Know Where to Start

For the One Who Doesn't Know Where to Start

For the one who doesn’t know where to start:

I cannot tell you exactly what you were meant to do
in the next few weeks,
few months, few years, or decades,
but I can tell you:
there is something right here in the present moment
calling you to come alive.
There is something right here that energizes you.

You do not have to start with a blank canvas
to create something beautiful.
You do not have to start with a blank journal page
to contribute something of value.

If you feel energized
by learning new things about the world
or you feel motivated
when you get to spend a little extra time
with the people that you care about,
continue to do those things
without worrying about the outcome. 

That pulse you feel when
you're doing something you love
doesn't always have to turn into a project.
You are allowed to nurture what brings you joy
without always wondering about how
it fits into the larger picture.
You are allowed to be excited about something
right here in this present moment,
even without knowing if that excitement
will come tomorrow.
In fact, that is all the more reason
to allow yourself feel the full weight
of the excitement today.

How can you nurture the relationships
and connections
and curiosities that you already have
right here in the present moment

Give energy to the things that bring you joy,
and the things that bring others joy,
right here, right now,
without worrying about the outcome.
Without worrying about how this is going to play out
months from now, years from now, or decades from now.

You will arrive at the future
when you are meant to be there.
And in the meantime,
you have today to make the most of where you are. 


Oh how wonderfully
 you are learning to worry less about the outcome 
in exchange for being present, right here, where you are.


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