Don't Lose Hope

Don't Lose Hope

Don’t lose hope. The pages of your journal you have filled are not in vain, even though so much has changed since you wrote those words. The hopes, thoughts, prayers, questions that were written at that time, are proof that all along, you have been alive, even when so much was unknown. You might go back and find that for some of the things you hoped for, you don’t even think about anymore. You might find that some of the things you wrote about, you desire them more than ever right now. Either way, every page is wrapped in grace, reminding you it’s okay feel what you need feel, and to say what the heart is longing to say.

Sometimes you just need to write it out. A small, gentle gesture that can remind you: you are free to write things down. You don’t have to wait until you have more time. You don’t have to wait until you have the perfect words to write. Make the brave choice to be present amidst these unknowns, trusting that even here, it is okay for your heart to have hope.

And remember, it is okay if hope is subtle. Not every moment has to be turned into a positive moment. Through all of time, there is room for grief and sorrow, just as much as there is room for hopes and dreams for tomorrow. You are allowed to hold both. You do not have to feel guilty for lamenting, writing about the things you are missing. Sometimes hope is a blanket of bright blue sky draped over the interstate and sometimes, it’s the reality that you made it another day. Be gentle with yourself. You are not worth any less because of your unknowns. Remember that even the smallest flickers of Light can fill an entire room. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose hope.


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