A Few Poems About Letting Go

A Few Poems About Letting Go

Lett i n g g o poem no. 1::

May you exhale
these words tonight:

“Maybe I don't have to be
as worried as I used to be.
Maybe I can choose to believe
I have not missed out on
what was meant for me."

May you exhale these words
as a form of letting go.

And at the same time, this is true:

"Letting go"
comes in many shapes,
but if it happens to come
in the shape of
nothing more
than an exhale,
this too,
is significant.
This too,
is a form of release.


Lett i n g g o poem no. 2::

oh how beautifully
you are learning
the art of
letting go,
slowly learning
the ways
of surrender
even when so much
is unknown

For all of the words
you never got to say
and all of the little things
that will never be the same,
you will feel the weight of the loss
and you will also learn to breathe
at a mindful pace.
You will find new rhythms
no matter what has changed.


Lett i n g g o poem no. 3::

Sometimes, you have to let go.
You have to accept that
some of trees you thought were evergreen
would only hold their leaves for a season.
You have to realize that sometimes
the conversations
you thought would lead to more,
new horizons,
open door
might not lead to the results
you were looking for...

But in all of this letting go,
you begin to find:
your heart kept beating
one beat at a time.
A sign
of life
is still abundant within you,
a flicker of hope
in the shadows:

there is more
ahead of you.


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