31 Journaling Prompts For August 2021

31 Journaling Prompts For August 2021

Journaling can help us to focus on remembering what matters most in our lives. A few moments of journaling a day is something that we'll always have as an important reminder and memory for years to come. Here are some ideas get you started

Journal Prompts for August

 AUG 1 - What are you hoping to learn this August?

AUG 2 - What did July teach you about gratitude?

AUG 3 - What has this year taught you about love so far?

AUG 4 - What has been your favorite non-work activity this past month?

AUG 5 - Have you been reading any books or watching any relevant TV series that has helped you grow or put the events of the world into perspective?

AUG 6 - How are you feeling?

AUG 7 - What is one thing you did today that brought you a sense of joy?

AUG 8 - What is one of your favorite memories from being a child and feeling overwhelmed by joy?

AUG 9 - What is the biggest lesson you've learned this week?

AUG 10 - How can you be present to someone else today / how were you present to someone else today?

AUG 11 - What plot-twist could happen in your life right now?

AUG 12 - How would your past self be proud of you today?

AUG 13 - How have you experienced grace lately?

AUG 14 - What words of wisdom are you holding onto right now?

AUG 15 - Where do you enjoy going to find a sense of peace these days?

AUG 16 -Take five deep breaths. How does that make your body feel?

AUG 17 - What does learning how to rest and just be look like today?

AUG 18 - Where in your life has it been hard to be vulnerable? What words are you slowly finding the courage to say?

AUG 19 - List 10 things you're grateful for today.

AUG 20 - Who is paving the way in your community today? What are you learning from them?

AUG 21 - How did practice courage today?

AUG 22 - List 3-5 ways you're proud of yourself right now.

AUG 23 - List 3-5 things you've learned from inspiring people in your life.

AUG 24 - Think about your 13-year-old self. What would you say if that version of you was questioning your worth?

AUG 25 - What does it mean to "trust" in this season?

AUG 26 - When was the last time you took intentional time to rest? And how did that make you feel?

AUG 27 - What positive changes are happening in your life right now?

AUG 28 - How are you learning to make the most of where you are right now?

AUG 29 - What are you dreaming about right now?

AUG 30 - What good moments have been happening recently (even if it was small) that you don't want to forget?

AUG 31 - Look back at your entry from August 1. How do you feel about what you wrote?

Happy Journaling!

We hope that these journaling prompts can help inspire you to take a moment each day to express gratitude and encounter grace in your life. We hope that your journal entries are something you can look back on with hope. Check out the latest journals from Garden24 for more inspiration!

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