Free Download of "Empathy"

Free Download of "Empathy"


“Let me hold the door for you.
I may have never walked in your shoes,
but I can see: your soles are worn,
your strength is torn
under the weight of a story
I have never lived before.
Let me hold the door for you.
After all you’ve walked through,
It’s the least I can do.”

To hear this poem and a few more notes from Morgan in this time: LISTEN HERE


  • Posted by Yolande Rolle on

    You penned these words so beautifully that I felt every emotion!

  • Posted by Connie Ecker on

    Please let me know if I would be able to buy this print. I have someone that I would love to give it to. Thank you. Just beautiful.

  • Posted by RUTH ALLEN on

    Your poem touches the core of my being, my heart. I wish I could embrace you to let you know how deeply you have reached me. Thank you for your generosity in sharing with us. God bless you each day.

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