Your Heart is Worthy of Sunlight

Your Heart is Worthy of Sunlight

One of the hardest things in life is realizing who the people are that did not see your worth. But one of the most beautiful things is realizing that even after all the people you have met in life, there are still other people. And as you continue to grow in your own life, other people are growing around you, too. And they will see your worth, you will see theirs, no matter how many other people looked away or didn’t care:

there is still hope for you and for everyone else who feels that way too.

I know it’s hard to imagine how you’ll ever heal from this because what you lost was special and there was nothing else like it, but I promise you this: even though the future will be different that does not mean it cannot be beautiful.

Things have changed, and it may take a little time to get used to all the ways your life will never be the same, but even here, you are wrapped in this gentle, endless grace that gives you space to sort through things, make the most of little things, and celebrate all of the ways you have grown, even in the subtle things. For though your heart has been broken, it has not been broken beyond repair. Your heart is worthy of sunlight, attention, gentleness, and care. And as you begin the journey toward something better, Love will always meet you there. And you will be free to take this day by day as your heart learns its way through this all new season of life.


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