You Will Learn As You Go

You Will Learn As You Go

There are so many things
you do not know and this is also true:
you will learn as you go.
For even when you travel
through an unknown place,
there are rhythms,
there is grace.

And when you start to feel alone
remember: you are still on a journey home.

And you will find peace
along the way
even as you see
the landscape change.

And as you practice
breathing deep
you will find
you are free
to take this day by day.

For this are guided
and you are seen
even while you are sorting through things.

So may you learn
to embrace the process
no matter where you are
on the journey.

Even here,
you are still learning.
And you are still growing,
even if it takes time
to see how it all
takes shape.

The journey itself
will be the place
that shapes you
step by step
day by day.



  • Posted by Heather on

    Hello, This poem is everything I do. I’m a training coordinator and this is what I try to teach while I’m teaching new skills. I wish this was available to buy so I could put it in my office. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and art form.

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