You Are Allowed to Pace Yourself

You Are Allowed to Pace Yourself

You are free to challenge yourself while also being gentle with yourself.

If you’re wanting the long journey, and if you desire the good things that take time, you will need endurance. Endurance requires pacing.

You don’t have to respond to everything right away.

You don’t have to figure everything out right now.

Give your all in every area of your life, including rest.

Give yourself space to think it through.

Some people process their thoughts in a way that allows them to share them quickly. Others process more slowly. You are no less capable or intelligent if you’re in that latter category.

There are some things you need to address right now and there are some things that can wait. Slow down, look closely, and seek wisdom to know the difference.

There are tasks that need to be completed before 4pm and there are some that can wait another day. Give yourself that space.

Not everything is urgent, even when it seems that way.

Practice letting go. Practice allowing some minutes of the day just be. Your existence matters even when you’re not working. You are worthy of being free.

I’m not saying you should never work hard. I just want to remind you that your body can only go so far. And when it reaches its limit for the day, that doesn’t make you weak in any way.

Keep going. Please, keep going while also knowing: you are allowed to pace yourself.


[No. 3 mountain image credit @beaandbloom via @canva]


  • Posted by Anna on

    Thank You because of your work I start to express my self as a artist writer painter more free
    I feel reading your words that they are touching my body my heart and soul.
    Thank YOu

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