Word of the Day: NOTICE

Word of the Day: NOTICE

word of the day : N O T I C E

Notice the ground beneath your feet
holding you up,
when you thought you would sink.
Notice the trees
in the woods
climbing high around you, and how
even when they bear no leaves
morning Light still pours through.

when you start
to become aware of
all the little places
where Light gets through,
you will start to notice how
amidst the brokenness
there is still
more to you.

And maybe
in the unknown,
hope will not always look like hope.
May you thought it would be
the message you were waiting for
finally appearing on your screen,
that would lead to the possibility
of something beautiful that could be,
but maybe hope will be most present right now
in an humble anticipation of another breath,
a small, yet strong reminder:
you are not finished yet.

simply notice
the strength and grace
in the little things around you.
Let them remind you
in the chaos,
even here, the Light gets through.


Definition of Notice: become aware of
(Oxford English Dictionary)

Photographs courtesy of
(Image 01): @trae.waves
(Image 02): @maximeamoudruz
via @unsplash

Introducing: “Word of the day.” Personally, I typically have a word of the day. I just sort of notice a word that’s standing out to me and allow myself to just chew on it throughout the day. Also, when I am writing for others, I typically begin to create that piece around one word that used, or one word that comes to mind as a I read their story. It is so easy to overthink when writing/creating and having one word at the center to focus on for a moment can be incredibly helpful. I’m excited to introduce the words behind the words…something we can hold on to even when we don’t have time to read/reflect!

So I am curious, what’s one word you’re noticing today? One word that has caught your attention?


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