Remember the Mountains Already Behind You

Remember the Mountains Already Behind You

If progress feels slow today, remember the mountains already behind you. Remember the mornings you already lived through. Remember the unexpected change that made you stronger. Remember any little thing that reminds you it’s worth it to keep going a little longer.

Was it the moment you finally felt love when you had feared you’d always be alone? Was it the sacred words you heard deep in the night that reminded you, you were on a journey home?

Whatever small thing has kept you going, hold it dear to your heart. Keep noticing the wholeness of the forest that surrounds you, no matter the branches broken apart.

For in this life, you will find winding paths through endless rows of trees, and you will also find when you get to the river, the unknowns do not keep you from knowing peace.

The water is still flowing.
You are still growing.
You are not out of sight of endless, boundless, Glorious Light.

Notice the way the sun rays flood the leaves. Notice where the shadows disappear. Notice where you feel free.

You are free.
You are free to keep traveling. Free to keep going. For you have already come so far. You are more prepared for the journey than you think.



  • Posted by Nancy on

    This is so beautiful Morgan. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! You words are felt deep in my soul and give me comfort and hope.

  • Posted by Crystal on

    This is beautiful…hopeful…helpful

  • Posted by Jordan on

    This is one of my favorite things you’ve written that’s stuck with me. I keep it with me always.

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