One Thing You Can Hold Onto When You're Questioning Your Worth

One Thing You Can Hold Onto When You're Questioning Your Worth

Whenever you start to question your worth, I hope you can remember the flowers that bloom far out into the wild, where no one can see them. They live their full lives out in the sun, wind, and rain without human praise. Without names. No painter paints them. No florist collects them. Far out in the wild, they grow fully as they were meant to.

To be acknowledged and celebrated as a beautiful thing. And yet, what if, like the unnamed flowers and wild fields, we could bloom without it? What if we still had worth on the days where no one thanked us? What if we still could become who we were meant to be, even when our best efforts weren't noticed?

Of course, on a biological level, we are very different than the unnamed flower out in the wilderness. However, perhaps the flowers’ simple existence can serve as a healing contrast to our overcomplicated lives. Lives where we are daily bombarded with messages that make us question what we are worth. Lives where outside validation seems like the currency for a successful life. 

Perhaps for all of the gifts of the modern world, it's easy to forget how complicated life has become. When it comes to technology alone, there's so much we have to keep up with on a professional and personal level on a daily basis. The list of material things one needs to supposedly live a happy and healthy life seems to keep growing each day. For many people, every day, the idea of living a simple life seems to be getting further and further away. 

So if you happen to feel that way, may the wildflowers blooming far out in unreachable fields remind you of this: you will bloom how you were meant to, no matter who does or does not notice you. Your worth is not determined by outside validation. In the same way that faraway wildflowers bloom in the sun, wind, and rain, without us ever seeing them, you will bloom all the same. You matter right here as you are. You are growing at your own pace in a beautiful, honest way. 

I would like to leave you with a question. You can either journal about this or just carry it with you throughout the day.

Think about your 13 year old self. What would you say if that version of you was questioning your worth?

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