Never Stop Delighting in What You Discover

Never Stop Delighting in What You Discover

Maybe the feeling of “nothing is happening here” is actually a blank canvas.
An invitation to explore the possibility of what could be.
Maybe the feeling of being lost in a new, empty space is an invitation into a new beginning.

It is absolutely normal to feel a little lost and directionless at times. And it is also absolutely normal to recognize: there is still good here, despite those feelings.

What would it mean to find beauty, right here where you are, even though you don’t know what’s next? What would it mean to explore the depths of your creativity with hope for what lies ahead?

Perhaps, all that feels scattered and unorganized can lead to a new way of seeing things. Perhaps, even here, there is room for something beautiful to come to life.

Let this be a space
where you give yourself permission
to redefine what it means to nurture what brings you alive,
no matter what is unknown.

You are worthy of this, even if you feel lost. Even if you feel like you’re not quite where you want to be. Even then, you are worthy of a new beginning. You are worthy of seeing life in a new way, right here, where you are.

No matter the landscape you find yourself traveling through today, keep nurturing your creativity and your curiosity. Delight in what you discover.


(This is an excerpt from my app @thestorytellerco ! Originally posted 4/29/2021)

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