Let Today Be What Today Needs to Be

Let Today Be What Today Needs to Be

For whatever today means for you,
I hope you give yourself permission to breathe.
I hope you remember that in their own small way,
every inhale is an act of taking it all in.
Every exhale is an act of surrender.

I hope you find room to just be. 

Whether today is a day of
looking back,
looking forward,
or simply being present to the moment
in the best way you know how,
there is room for you,
on this very day to be where you need to be.

If there is grief, let there be grief.
If there is joy, let there be joy.
If there is a mixture of feelings
that have no name,
there is no pressure to name them today.

Whether today is a day of
or waiting,
practicing gratitude,
or just making it through,
there is room, right here for you
to let today be what it needs to be,
welcoming the grace
that gives you room
to breathe.


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