I Will Remember What Was Beautiful.

I Will Remember What Was Beautiful.


If you start to look back, and it’s not all beautiful, I hope you still find threads of good. I hope you find entire years of life that you made it through even though you never thought you could.

So much has changed since last year, and you are still worthy of love no matter what. No matter who came in and out of your life, or made you feel you were not enough, you are still worthy of love.

And if you find your heart is aching for days you can’t get back, and it’s hard to see the beauty in things that fell apart and didn’t last, let these feelings remind you: you have known what it means to know love in this life and love itself has not time. There is still time for your heart to heal. There is still time for you to learn to trust again...to learn to love again.

I know you can’t go back to those days, but I hope you can find meaning in this very moment, all the same.

So when you spend time with your photographs,

I hope at least one of them reminds you:

even if you can’t go back to how things were,

you can still find where Light poured through.

You can still find threads that remind you that you have the capacity to daringly choose to put yourself out there even though you don’t know what the outcome will be. This kind of courage matters for what’s to come. Your time was not wasted. No matter how much things have changed, you grew in wisdom. You experienced joy. You uncovered what you were capable of. You found language for what you are worthy of. Don’t give up on love just because it wasn’t all beautiful. Embrace what is good, in whatever capacity you can. Trust: there is more to come.


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