Find Gold in Little Things

Find Gold in Little Things

Here in this life
you will feel many things.
You will laugh and you will let go.
You will gather stories,
and you will grieve.
You will be interrupted by Light.
You will find gold in little things.

You will have questions lead to answers
and you will have questions
you sit with for years…
you will long for days to come,
and you will learn to find joy
right here.

You will watch old things drift away
and you will see new things take shape.
You will look back on old years in awe
of all the ways you’ve changed.

And over and over,
things will change
and you might feel a little afraid…
and you will also find
there is grace
to take this day by day.

Take heart, here in the change.
You’ll still bloom, day by day.


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