Painting Feelings as Abstract Paintings: Part One

Painting Feelings as Abstract Paintings: Part One

Painting feelings as abstract paintings part 1. Can you help me name the last one?

Ever since I first received the CNVC’s Feelings List* from a therapist a few years ago, I have turned to it regularly to find language for what I’m feeling. I struggle with naming my feelings in real time and this list has become a valuable aid for me in processing my emotions. Having spent a few years looking at this list, I recently realized that I associate different feelings with different shapes and colors. So I figured...why not try to paint them? I was honestly surprised at how natural it felt to paint a feeling, as “painting” isn’t usually the verb that goes before “feeling.” And yet, “thankful” feels greens for me. “Satisfied” and “fulfilled” are rounded. I’m going to keep painting the other feelings (in no particular order) but I just wanted to share these with you!

*If you do an internet search for “Feelings List,” the CNVC list that I mentioned should appear near the top of the search results if you’re interested! #letspaintthefeeling


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