You Were Made for This Life

You Were Made for This Life

If you’ve been made to feel like only the big moments of courage matter, I hope you know that every single breath you breathe is proof that you are finding your way in this. You are doing more than just existing. You are filling this space with life. And every moment you choose to hope is a moment you choose to thrive.

Because just when you thought you could not get any stronger, you woke up this morning and realized: you managed to hold on a little longer. You managed to make it a little further than you ever thought you would, even on the days where it was a fight to notice the good. And by grace, you are still here, through the wild of all those fears. You made to today. You made it another year.

And even though you cannot make sense of the shadows that always seem to find you, you are still an example of beautiful truth that Light has this way finding you. Even when you do not feel seen or heard and you struggle to put the feelings into words, breathing, merely breathing, is a sign of hope all on its own, and even in the most loneliest seasons of life, you are never breathing alone. You are never breathing alone. Somehow, we all exhale. We all sing that song.

So may you always know it’s okay to know you’re strong even when you do not feel that way, knowing in the moments where you feel your weakest, you are still wrapped in grace. Grace that reminds you:

you were made for this life:
terrifying and beautiful as it may be
holding on in troubled times
finding Light in little things.



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