What Beautiful Things Can Come to Life in the Waiting

What Beautiful Things Can Come to Life in the Waiting

What beautiful things can come to life in the waiting? In what area of your life can you welcome a slower pace with open heart?

Traveling by airplane will certainly get you to your destination faster, but it’s the long, slow path through the hills that provides the gritty, textured details of the story.

To travel quickly gives us a sense of accomplishment. But to travel slowly gives us a sense of connection. Closeness. Awareness of the world around us. There’s nothing wrong with accomplishment in itself, and this is also true: there’s more.

The winding roads through the mountains, the side streets you travel through during detours, and even the endless rows of traffic lights remind us: there is so much more to living than just arriving. The whole journey matters.

There will be places in life where you need to move quickly. But for many other things in life, you can take your time. And not just for the sake of taking your time. But to finally see some of those little things you might have been missing. Because sometimes, it’s the gritty in-between that helps you focus and see: now is the time to elimination distractions and focus on what you need.

Maybe it will be here, when you’re waiting to arrive at your destination that you start to realize what you actually wanted was an opportunity for growth and you are experiencing that growth right here on the road.

Tomorrow will come, and as long as you are in this life, you will inevitably make it further down the path, but in the meantime, you are free to savor the small things along the way. You are also free to make new friends who are on the journey, too. Not just the people who have “arrived.” Let us find joy in the waiting. Joy right here, on the journey.

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