This World Needs Your Stories

This World Needs Your Stories

To the one who feels like she’s losing her inspiration.
To the one who is wondering if her last setback was a sign that she should just stop dreaming.
To the one who spends her Friday nights wondering what could be:

I cannot tell you how things will all fall in place, but I can tell you, you are free to keep dreaming. As long as you are living, there is still time to make beautiful, honest things. This world needs your voice. Your courage. Your stories.

And it might not be the whole world. There might be people who do not accept what you have to offer. But no matter their reasons, there will be other people. There will be other places that welcome you.

So keep putting things out in the world that are true. Work that you believe in. Create and share what makes you say:

14 year old me needed a community like this.
60 year old me will need these words.
This is what I needed to see on that night when I felt the most alone.
These are the words I really wanted to say, but never had the chance to, all those years ago.

When you do this, it becomes less about how many people listen, who unfollowed, or who didn’t show up to support. Because the more you speak from a place of truth, the more you will be able to be unapologetically you. The more you will begin to see that sometimes, you get the feedback you were looking for, and sometimes you do not, but every time, you spoke with grace and truth. Every time, you were yourself. You created something from depths of you.

Even if you don’t always get it right. Even if you still have your moments of doubt. Even if you’re still following your curiosity and you’re not really sure if “passionate” about this thing yet...this too is a part of your voice. This, too is a part of your story. And as crowded as the world can be, there is still room for it. There is still room for you. There is still room for your voice. Your courage. Your stories.


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