Make Time For The Wildflowers

Make Time For The Wildflowers

Make time for the wildflowers. Make time for the unexpected joys that show up in the most ordinary places. Let yourself be overwhelmed by just how happy the soul can be over the most seemingly insignificant things. You are worthy of this kind of living. You are worthy of this kind of living.

Amidst all of the things you do not understand, rebelliously choose to smile visibly, deeply, in the boldest way you can. Let yourself sing a joyous song, anyway. Let yourself believe: through it all, you will be okay. You will know Love again. You will feel warmth again. Somehow, all of this will turn into dancing, and you will be glad you chose to keep living.

I know up here in the mountains, this kind of life seems incredibly far away, but I promise, even here you are okay to take this day by day, and pick wildflowers, here grace whisper through with every step:

you are worthy of a beautiful life
no matter what yesterday looked like.

So much has changed and you are in a quieter place now. You are having to find a new rhythm in a place where you thought you had already found one. This is a journey through the mountains you were not ready to take. You thought you had already found a home in green pastures. And now, here you are, making your way through a range of mountains you never expected to be traveling.

But the beautiful thing about this is that even though you were not expecting or wanting to move on, letting go still makes room for freedom. Letting go still allows you to travel onward without so many worries in your hands. So now, that your hands are free, make time for the wildflowers. My dear, make time for the wildflowers. Let yourself believe that even here you are free to experience joy. This is a part of letting go. This is a part of moving on. You are free to experience the reality of healing starting over can be.

Even here, in the mountains, there is room for new beginnings. After everything you lost, you are allowed to start anew, seeing where Light pours through, and how the hurt is not capable of keeping you from experiencing Love again.


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