In a Year Filled with Questions...

In a Year Filled with Questions...

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”
― Zora Neale Hurston

I hope you know it is okay if the answers you are waiting for
take longer than expected.
I hope you know it is okay if it has been a year
since you asked that certain question
and you have experienced every emotion trying to figure it out.
What matters is that you continue
to breathe deep
in whatever way you can,
knowing each moment is wrapped in grace.
Every day, you are still growing, in beautiful, honest ways
even when every day feels and looks the same.

You may not be able to see your progress right away,
and that’s okay.
You will look back and see that despite the answers you were missing,
you still found songs to sing.
You still found space to laugh
without knowing how long this season of questioning would last.

Continue to go deeper, right here.
Continue to trust:
these questions you are living with
do not take away from what is already true:
“even here, there is more to you.”
You can’t see it yet,
and you have to accept that the future will look different,
but this courageous choice you’re making
to keep showing up to this life
despite what you don’t know
is a sign of growth that will matter,
no matter what is to come.

And on the days where this is hard to remember,
go in bold pursuit of joy.
Go digging for it in the soil
of every seemingly insignificant moment.
Go searching for it in the places
where there only seems to be nothingness.
Listen. Taste. Touch.
Bring all of your available senses to the moment.
Notice the textures and patterns of things.
The music in the other room.
The dog barking in the distance.
The clouds floating over the rooftops.
These are things you likely won’t even remember
in the years to come,
so notice them now.
Let yourself be here, in joy, in grace, now.

Here’s to slowly but surely finding
what is beautiful about this year,
even if it is a year filled with questions.


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