Here's What is So Beautiful About You

Here's What is So Beautiful About You

A few words for the heart:
1. And here’s what is so beautiful about you: after everything you have been through, you are still blooming in the way you were meant to.

2 In your most
uncertain place,
grace found you

3. Courage is the ability to climb the highest mountain even when you are afraid, and it is also the ability to keep going on the hardest of days. We can all have courage, but it does not always look the same.

4. Let this be the season
you take a mindful look
at your life,
finding peace
in knowing
it is okay
if your strength
looks a little different here.
Something beautiful and true
is still rising up within you,
and even when it feels quiet and subtle,
it is still there.

5. When you start to feel
like the things that matter to you
might not happen,
and you might lose too much time
on the edge of midnight fears,
Light will still
meet you here,
reminding you of
this hope-filled song:
you may have found mystery,
but grace has found you
and within it
there is room
to grow
in the way you were meant to.

Morgan Harper Nichols

These words were written (and emailed) to several people over the weekend who have shared their stories with me. I hope that in some way these words can speak to you too, right here, where you are.

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