5 Signs You're Finding Joy in the Waiting

5 Signs You're Finding Joy in the Waiting

5 Signs You’re Finding Joy In The Waiting

No. 1:
You’ve had to modify your dreams and put a pause on certain things you cared about, and you’re ALSO discovering new interests that you can enjoy, right here where you are.

No. 2:
You’re aware of the people who are not in your life the way they used to be and you are ALSO finding ways to recognize people who still choose to be there.

No. 3:
You’ve dealt with new unknowns and new disappointments over this past year, and you’re ALSO seeking new ways to laugh and bring a sense of humor and spontaneity in your life.

No. 4:
You have a lot of tasks and responsibilities that have left you wondering when the busyness and chaos will end, and you’re ALSO learning how to say “no” and not apologize for needing rest.

No. 5:
You’re learning to set boundaries and you’re ALSO to say “yes” where it truly matters. You're mindfully aware of how things were, and also audaciously hopeful for what could be. You're welcoming new moments with deep breaths and gratitude. You're learning to seek Light in small, everyday things.

Finding joy in the waiting has a lot to do with the ALSO. You might be waiting for answers, and you are ALSO learning to come alive right here where you are.

You are well aware of everything that hasn’t worked out and you are ALSO aware that grace is never far.


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